What is Indexed Universal Life?

Indexed universal life insurance is a permanent life insurance funding that earns interest based on the the stock market’s returns. Since it’s a universal life, policyholders can change payments and benefits as needed. Like other forms of permanent life insurance, IUL offers a death benefit and a cash account. The death benefit is determined at the beginning of the policy. The cash account grows based on the performance of a stock index.

A stock index, such as the S&P 500, Barclays, or Dow Jones Industrial Average, is a way to track a group of stocks. Insurance companies pick one or more of these and pay interest to policyholders based on the index’s performance — as value goes up, the account earns interest. If the index drops, the account earns less or nothing.

The amount you can earn is subject to “floors” and “indexes” to help minimize losses. The floor is the lowest your account rate can go and is usually guaranteed for the life of the policy, but is often set at 0%.

Beal Financial Group IUL indexed universal life insurance stock market retirement money

Example: if the market plummets as it did in 2008 (-40%)  and during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic (-30%), your policy will be credited 0% as opposed to taking a 30% or 40% loss like other traditional retirement accounts did.
“ZERO is your HERO.”

Some Indexes today have no “caps” allowing you to maximize gains.

Beal Financial Group IUL indexed universal life insurance stock market retirement gains

Example: if the market has an annual return of 10%, you will be credited 10%. If the market has an annual return of 30%, you will be credited that 30%!

How Indexed Universal Life Insurance Works

Simply put, compound Interest! Compound Interest has been called the 8th wonder of the world; it has been used by savvy investors around the world to help grow and compound wealth. By taking advantage of compound interest, you can position yourself to build up your savings over the long term as the magic of earning interest on interest helps expand your wealth and magnify your legacy.

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